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april 2019

Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo (Manchester)

april 2019

Support to the Childcare “Centro Infantil Moinho de Vento”

april 2019

After our support in a fantastic initiative, we receive this letter and we are proud to announce to everyone:

  "Batalha, March 26, 2019 Subject: Gratitude to Mr. Manuel Novo,   On the 22nd of this month, we  received the author Patrícia Martins at the “Centro Infantil Moinho de Vento” to stimulate a reading session and offer a book to the children of the "Inventores" and "Sabichões" classes. The activity went very well, according to the planning with the author, which we thought was appropriate to the session. In the end, the children were happy with the books offered and with the message transmitted, that is quite current and pertinent.   After this, I hereby, on behalf of the “Centro Infantil Moinho de Vento”, to thank the sympathy and generosity shown in supporting this initiative. When I think of the “Familia Novo” and in all its members, it is impossible to forget the years we have "worked together" and how much we have learned with each other. It is with joy that I hope to count on you always! Thanks’ for all the support!. We wish you the greatest personal and professional successes. "(...) There are people who stay in history, from our history (…)”   The Pedagogical Director “Cidália Sebastião "


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