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  • EROFIO Group

    It is an industrial group constantly updating knowledge and technologies, closely watching the market and trends. In 2013 created new facilities to respond to sustained growth we have been verifying.

  • EROFIO S.A. – Engenharia e Fabricação de Moldes, S.A.

    EROFIO SA, founded in 1990, is now an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, with a team of 80 qualified and experienced employees, sharing the goals of growth and consolidation. in 2012 reached a turnover of 7,5 M € and moved to facilities, with 6,500 m2 of covered area.

  • EROFIO Atlântico – Moldes e Soluções de Engenharia , S.A.

    EROFIO Atlântico, founded in 2000, grew through lasting relationships with customers. Investing in new 9000 m2 facilities, equipment and training of its employees, maintained in 2013 the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO TS 16949. In 2012 reached the turnover of 7.4 M €.

  • 5 axes CNC

    The options of equipment purchase obey to a philosophy of rigor and productivity that the current technology allows. 5 axes machining centers enable us to mill a piece completely, with a single setting, reducing the execution time and obtaining more accuracy.


We aim to obtain the best solution to the challenges presented, ensuring the quality of all the moulds and parts produced, rigorously respecting commitments, using state of the art technology (photo: laser sintering).

We thus ensure a good relationship with our clients and forge the partnerships of which we are proud of.

Merry Christmas

The EROFIO Group wishes to its employees, customers, suppliers, their families and to all a Christmas full of peace and harmony. The new year of 2021 enters in our lives and invigorates the hope, health, prosperity, unity, understanding, humility and wisdom.



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