Projetos cofinanciados pela UE:      Erofio      |      Erofio Atlântico

EROFIO Group gathers the conditions to engage in complete projects and protect the investment of those who want to launch new products in a competitive market place of today.

Supported by the synergy between EROFIO S.A. and EROFIO Atlântico S.A., the customer can develop his product, design it, manufacture and operate the project tools, perform the necessary assemblies and pad printing decorations when required, with a single partner. At the end will have an adequate supply, respecting the quantity and the lead times, provided by a professional logistics service.

With the limited life of the products in the market today, and the need for change and customization to keep their demand, EROFIO Group presents itself as a partner with the right features to support the intervention in the tools and in the production of components.

The advantages are the same responsibility, a bigger efficacy and lower maintenance costs – a better protected investment.