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Erofio Atlântico

Atlântico - Injection

We have 27 injection molding machines for thermoplastics, with clamping forces between 25 and 1100 metric tonnes. From these, six have two injection groups, enabling different forms of bi-material injection (rotating plate, index plate and linear transfer).

We highlight the Engel 500 t and 1100 t. The first with horizontal turntable and two sets of juxtaposed injection, the second with two horizontal injection units at 90º, rotary table with a 1800 mm diameter and two robots.

We invest in the automatism of raw material feeding and part ejection.

The feeding is carried out through the vacuum system, in technical tunnels, which connect the central dryer stations to the injection machines. Through these tunnels pass also the temperature control fluids, for moulds and machines.

In the ejection, we have 22 injection machines automatized with robots, complemented with conveyers that ergonomically turn the parts available to the operator, allowing the usage of more time for self-control.

We process various polymer families from which we highlight, for its demand and our experience, the polisulfones (PES e PSU) and the poliesteres (PBT).